Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Golf time....

 Hello New Year....
Time to put aside the Christmas card posts and move on.....I'll miss making Christmas cards for a bit but it was time to make birthday cards, Valentine's cards, Easter Cards and lots of other occasion cards! I needed two birthday cards for friends that are avid golfers!
 Nothing fancy and something simple...and 3 Dimensional.

Oh I wish spring was around the corner after making these cards....we have had such cold weather here!
Thank-you for the visit and your comments. I really do appreciate your visit!


  1. These are really fun and such great colours too

  2. Christine these are just class! Love the colours and of course the stamps! I'm ready for spring myself now and winter has only just begun!!

  3. Both of these are awesome! I absolutely love them and your work is outstanding!!!

  4. Just went and bought this set!!!


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