Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pop up card....

 A rather simple card today...I had seen this card somewhere and thought I would try it out! I am not sure if I totally knew what I was doing but it seemed to work ok for me.....

I am working on an Easter card to post this weekend that is a pop up card. A bit addicted to this style.
Thank-you for the visit have a wonderful day.


  1. Very cool and I love the image!!!!!

  2. can you share how you did it!! PLEASE

  3. Oh wow reminds me of things we used to make st school woth different things written on them, did you do that? This is such a cute image

  4. This is what I expected.. Do you know the Pop-Up Card on http://popupcard.net? My company bought a lots of pop up xmas cards from them last year.


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