Saturday, November 19, 2016

Snowy....Spinner card....

 Kristina Werner had the best spinner card on her blog....I had to try my take on it! It's  a bit of a white on white card too!
 Her idea which I incorporated in my card has a unique way it have your image on some embroidery floss and you twist it before you close the card...then when you open the card the image spins! Adorable!
 I have quite a few to make so I had to keep it fairly simple so I could get them done. It is a miserable day here so it is a great excuse to create cards.
Have a wonderful day...and thank-you so much for commenting. I appreciate it so much.


  1. Always such a pleasure when I see you post. This is adorable, love it and the spinner us such a fun idea. Hope to see more posts from you x

  2. Hi Christine! Wow this is such a fabulous card...he's just so sweet...beautifully coloured...but then your colouring is always amazing!!! Love the design...I'd really love to try one...thanks for the inspiration my friend! Have a great weekend Christine!
    Take care,

  3. Love it Christine. So good to see you post again.

  4. Love this card great job as per norm!!!!!

  5. Oh wow, just love this! Will have to give this a try - such a sweet idea!
    Hugs, Danielle x


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