Sunday, June 1, 2014

Welcome June....

 A big welcome to most favourite time of the year! Sunny skies, warm gorgeous temperatures....who does not love this time of the year. And with June, comes trips to the Ice Cream Parlour! Oh yah!!!! I loved Normas adorable icecream parlour she did last year so I thought I would try and do a miniature one for my calendar stand hubby made me.
Hope you bring in June with a smile like I did!! Enjoy your day!


  1. Love your ice cream parlour...awesome job love your colouring!!!

  2. Christine this is FABULOUS!!! What a GREAT idea to make the parlous smaller for you calendar!!! Your colouring if PERFECTION!!!

  3. I KNEW there was something missing in my's an opportunity to view your calendar pages! I just don't seem to get around very much these days, Christine, but I LOVE this icecream parlour especially the awning! Hugs, Lesley


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