Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gift giving....

 I so love giving homemade gifts.... I have made quilts and many other things that I just love to give at Christmas time or even on birthdays. So when Norma gave me a wonderful box at Christmas a couple of years ago I knew this would definetly be something I would try. She always inspires me to try different things. I also knew who I was making this one for....someone who just loves her Magnolias as much as Norma!
 I used my copics and tried the stipple effect around miss tilda...and added lots and lots of glitter!

I am so happy that I have made many gifts for friends this year...because last year was a right off completely and I did not feel very good about it. I have to say I did start my projects in January...which was a good thing. You don't feel as rushed and many times I really don't have time to put the care into things that I really want to take time to do.

This weekend I am working on some more of my Christmas cards. The weather looks perfect for indoor crafting!


  1. Hello Christine!!! As the recipient of this STUNNINGLY LOVELY gift I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!! To everyone viewing this I must tell you that it is even more GORGEOUS live!!!!!!! And Christine...I tried the stippling around my latest project and it did NOT look anything like your wonderful work!! Back to the practice board for ME!!

  2. absolutely gorgeous, Christine! as always, your colouring is outstanding! that wee box is just so sweet!

  3. Gorgeous project, love those trees, just bought the small one, now think I need the big one too. Love the colours


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